Tempe Center for the Arts Wows Visitors

Tempe Center for Arts, front view, photo from parking lot

The Tempe Center for the Arts wows visitors and residents alike with two theaters and a 3500 sf art gallery. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the TCA also has numerous special events each month, including a happy hour with live music Thursday-Saturday nights.

Photographing Tempe Center for the Arts

Below are my top two tips for photographing the TCA.

1. Walk around the building, looking for interesting perspectives that convey more of the character of the building.

Of course you could grab a quick shot in front of the building when your tour bus drops you off, but then you would miss both the back and side views of this modern building that occupies prime real estate next to the Salt Lake and pedestrian bridge at the end of the development called Tempe Town Lake.

Back of TCA, looking down walking trail along the Salt River
Side view of Tempe Center for the Arts, looking towards the pedestrian bridge.

2. Walk Into the building to see what more there is to see.

The inside of the building is just as spectacular as the outside. You could check out the art gallery, if it’s open, or get a few photos of the lobby view of the theater.

These tips might seem logical, but I watched as a tour bus dropped off visitors and they scrambled to take one photo of the building and another of the pedestrian bridge when there is so much more to see and explore.


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