Overcoming Fears: Crossing the swingbridge

Swinging over the Kohaihai River

Crossing the swingbridge over the Kohaihai River was one of the first challenges I faced on the trip. I’m not a fan of heights or bridges, especially not bridges that sway and move around when you walk on them. But if I wanted to photograph the Nikau Palm grove, it was necessary.

I managed to cross the bridge by taking several calming breaths before starting across and then walking very slowly so as to minimize movement. I was really nervous at first, but then it got easier once I really understood first hand that I wasn’t going to plunge into the river below.

For that effort, I was able to capture this wonderful photo (if I do say so myself) of the Nikau Palms. Totally worth it to me!

Nikau Palms

I’m curious…how do you get past challenges like this one? Is it through deep breathing like me, or would you want to hold hands with a partner while you crossed? Or, would you just say, nope, not for me!

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