Holy Salsa, Taco Guild Rocks the Church

I’ve found salsa heaven at Taco Guild, a central Phoenix, Mexican gastropub located in a renovated 1893 Methodist church. Choose your vehicle of choice from the menu to get more of the tasty red sauce into your mouth. Tacos are what they are known and highly rated for, but you can also choose enchiladas or burritos and layer on some of the hot stuff. Or, you could keep it simple and traditional and just dip your chips into the saucy goodness.

Next time I go, I have got to try the fresh guacamole and street corn. I’m also eyeing the ceviche and diablo eggs. Oh, and they also have green chili queso. I guess I’ll be going back multiple times to be able to try everything on the menu. Yum!

It’s not all about the food. You also want friendly service. From the moment you open the front door, the staff has a kind welcome for you.

Once you’ve decided on your order, take a look around at all of the original items that have been incorporated into the decor. From the wood-beamed ceiling to the concrete floors, the stained glass windows and the pews that line the wall–all are original from the old church. If you’re lucky enough to sit along the back wall, there are framed historical items that you can review. (Obviously, it would be hard to take a look at them if other diners are seated there, as you’d be leaning over their table).

If you visit for Sunday brunch (or anytime for that matter, if you’re so inclined), you can do a quick bible study while you’re waiting for your food to arrive. Just use your phone to¬†look up one of the bible verses from the stained glass windows.

The stained glass transom window has a special story. They took extra care to preserve this window and to respect the wishes of the original donor.

You can visit Taco Guild at 546 East Osborn Road, Phoenix, AZ 85012. If it’s not lunch time or dinner time, it’s probably Happy Hour with deals on drinks and food, which is perfect for visitors to Phoenix who may have a more flexible schedule. Enjoy!

Photographing Taco Guild

If it’s your first time to Taco Guild, chances are you’ll want to take a few photos. You’re good to go with your phone to Instagram some foodie shots. However, if you want to get good photos of the stained glass windows, you’ll likely need to take a bit more time to import your photos into Lightroom and use the “transform” module to adjust horizontal and vertical on the window shots so they appear more flat than tilted.

My shots of the bar didn’t turn out very well. I’d recommend taking extra care with those captures. There will be a lot of reflection from the bottles and glassware to deal with. Plus, the staff is busy working behind there, so that is a lot of motion to deal with in order to get the type of shot you want.

I crossed the street (watch for traffic if you attempt it!) to get the full shot of the building with the nice sky. I like the extra sky in the image as it connects with the “heavens” above the old church, now restaurant.

While the church was deconsecrated in 2012, some people might consider eating at Taco Guild to be a holy experience because of the food. I do. Try it and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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