First Timer’s First Friday at the Heard Museum

The Heard Museum, First Friday, November, 2017

The Heard Museum is well known for their collection of Native American art. A great time to visit is on the first Friday of each month when admission is free from 6-10pm. This first-timer had no problem with finding my way and parking at the museum. For extra security, there is a security guard watching comings and goings.

If you’re like me and want to capture a few photos to remember your First Friday visit to the Heard Museum, you’ll want to review a night photography tutorial before you go. Night photography will require you to make trade-offs in ISO, shutter speed, and aperture because of the low light conditions. Plus, you’ll want a tripod to better control camera shake to get photos as sharp as possible.

The Heard Museum, 2301 N Central Ave, Phoenix.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to lug my photography gear and tripod all night, but I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and accessible parking was to the museum grounds. I was able to do some night photography outside with my tripod and then drop it back off to the car before going inside to enjoy the collection of Native American art. Double win!

Tonight’s Favorites in the Collection

This art fence by Tina Jojola and Rosemary Lonewolf took my  breath away. The spectacular Southwest colors and materials refer back to the fences built by Indigenous peoples. Just as this fence is strong, beautiful and persistent, so too are Native cultures.

Indigenous Evolution, 2004 by Tony Jojola, Rosemary Lonewolf, Santa Clara Tewa.

This basket by Mary Thomas caught my eye. The center of the basket is a coiled snake and the outside ring depicts a friendship dance. I don’t know that I’d want to make friends with a snake. As with people who are snakes, I’d rather just give them a wide berth and find my true friends instead.

Basket by Mary Thomas, Tohono O’odham, 1981

I really love the colors and detail in this acrylic painting on linen by Tony Abeyta.

Grand Canyon, 2016 by Tony Abeyta, Navajo

And, saving the most disturbing piece for last: see the barber chair below and read the copy above the chair. Heartbreaking cruelty in the name of creating “civilized” children.

Barber chair at the Heard Museum, Boarding School exhibit.

First Fridays in Phoenix

I didn’t realize how many of the museums and galleries in Phoenix have special public programs to encourage art appreciation on first Fridays. Now that I know, my First Fridays for the foreseeable future are booked: I’ll be checking out all the arts districts by light rail and riding the free trolly so I can see more of the Phoenix art scene.

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