Find Historic Charm in Phoenix Encanto Park Neighborhoods

Too much haze to get warm colors for sunset, but cool blue is pretty too. Encanto Park, 15th Avenue & Encanto Blvd, Phoenix

Take a walk around Encanto Park at sunset and you’ll find this lovely water feature, families grilling out, parents pushing strollers, men fishing, and joggers making their way around the park.

Encanto Park features an amusement park for children called Enchanted Island. There’s also a sports complex, swimming pool, two golf courses, and a nature trail for visitors to use. This park is a community gem.

I considered moving to one of the historic neighborhoods bordering Encanto Park when I first moved to Arizona. I looked at several homes in the surrounding neighborhoods. Ultimately, I decided it was too far from work in Chandler to drive everyday, as I wanted to keep my commute under 30 minutes.

If you take a drive around the park, you’ll notice the homes in these neighborhoods have a lot of curb appeal.┬áThere is definitely pride in ownership of these historic homes.


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