Dream travel: What if this was my normal?

A morning dog walk, Point Cartwright Lighthouse, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

Whenever I visit a new place, particularly someplace as beautiful as Australia’s Sunshine Coast, I always imagine, “what if this was my normal everyday experience?” Ahh….to be a dog walker at sunrise on a beautiful beach. Sublime!

Travel can take us out of our everyday and into new and different experiences. We can choose to embrace the new and different, or be disgruntled that the coffee isn’t like coffee at home or the driving is difficult on the other side of the road. It makes me think, we can travel the world over, but we still meet ourselves where we are.

I hope I can continually open myself to new experiences. I hope the same for you.

Sometimes the new will be something we experience and are glad to return home. But other times, it will give us a feeling of longing and inspiration to dream, “what if this was my new normal?”

I love having that feeling. It wakes me up and inspires me to bring more of that joy and peace into my life.