The Dahmen Barn in the Palouse

The Dahmen Barn at Uniontown is a retail space for creatives in the area.

If you visit the Palouse region of Washington state, make time to visit the Dahmen Barn at Uniontown. Not only is it a nice place for creative travel photography, it’s also a nice tourist stop to enjoy local artists’ creative projects.

The Dahmen Barn is a reclamation project in which the original owners and the community worked together to create the artisans retail and community creative education space. I love that it has gotten so successful they had to expand. It’s a lesson to other small towns on ways to make use of old buildings, recognize the creative work of artists and what they produce, as well as building a tourist attraction that keeps people coming in from out of town to explore.

The wheel fence at the Dahmen Barn site and surrounding pastoral landscape.

The 1000+ wheel fence surrounding the Dahmen Barn is a big eye-catching draw for inbound visitors. It was started by Steve Dahmen and created over the course of 30 years. The history of the Dahmen Barn, the fence and their creative community endeavors is fascinating. Do check it out!

Photographing Dahmen Barn & Fence

There are 100s of creative compositions possible at the site. The main photography challenge is focusing in on the details without the composition starting to look busy. because of the surrounding buildings and traffic.

The front side of the building shown in the first photo above faces east, which would catch the morning light, or shooting in the opposite direction as shown in the second photo, you may be able to get some color in the sky during sunset. It just depends on the type of composition you would like to capture — something with the old barn or a pastoral image with the wheel fence. Then, of course, the detail shots are also interesting.

When to Visit

For green fields and spring wildflowers, the end of May or first part of June is ideal.

My Portfolio

If you’d like to see my portfolio of images from the Palouse, see Palouse Barns or Palouse Landscapes.

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