Sabbatical Dreams

I’m ready to go and see new people, places, and things. Drink some wine. Relax. Recharge. Talk with people about what excites them. I’m ready to jump into different cultures. Experience the unknown. To see what there is to see and report back.

I’ve been saving for this trip for seven years. It’s my sabbatical dream trip. I have 8 weeks off plus 1 week of vacation for 9 weeks time away from work.

I’ve wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand for awhile, but I reserved them for this trip so I had more time to explore. And then a little bit more dreaming happened, and I tacked on some island hopping in French Polynesia–Papeete, Mo’orea, and Bora Bora–to the end of the trip.

On the way home I’ll stop in Kauai for a few days to break up the long flight home. Then I’m back in Phoenix with a little time to relax at home and prepare to re-enter work life again.