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Small Business Social Media Starting Points

stopwatchAre you ready take your business into social media?
If you’re at the research stage and trying to figure out if social media is the place for you, then the following three tips are something to consider as you evaluate whether to get your business into social media.

Because, let’s face it — not every small business owner is ready to start a blog, Facebook Fan page, YouTube channel, or community site. Before you consider establishing a handful, or even one, social media site for your business, you may want to check the following 3 items off your list.

1. Clean up your website. Does your main website represent you in the way that it should? Do you have a professional design? Can users find the information they need or do you have a bunch of broken links that you need to fix? You’ll want to spruce up your main site because this is where you’ll be pointing the new traffic you generate in social media.

2. Evaluate your schedule and interests. Managing multiple sites and showing up online in meaningful ways takes time and creative energy. Is having conversations and marketing yourself online something you would enjoy? It will be a lot easier to maintain your presence in one or multiple social communities, if you can make time in your schedule and would enjoy the process.

3. Consider your content sources. Do you have an opinion or something to say? It can be a challenge to generate enough text, audio, images, or video to keep a site going. Perhaps you can manage 140 characters, but not a blog post every day. Offering enough entertaining, educational, or informative content to keep your fans, followers and subscribers coming back regularly is key, so think about how much you can publish on a regular basis.

In my next post, I’ll offer some tips for large organizations that are trying to figure out where to start in social media. For now, what tips or suggestions would you share with small business owners who have limited time and resources? What should they consider before they hit the start button on their social media plans?