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Social Content Marketing With a Shelf Life: Style and Substance

Pink Breast Cancer RibbonRoger Warner has a good point in this post at TechCrunch, Social Media Gurus Push Conversations Over Kudos and Fail. He argues brands should do more meaningful posts that make customers look good, than just engage in simple banter on Facebook that doesn’t really amount to much or go to the brand’s mission.

Similarly, I have a problem with simply publishing pretty pictures in social expressly for the purpose of getting likes and pins. While pretty images can be “on brand” and engaging, and they can be used to good effect as a way to create visual interest by including an image with a blog post, it’s more valuable to the brand to have a larger story to share along with the image.

Take for example, the pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness. It adds visual interest to this post, and also reinforces my argument that we need both style and substance. If I was really on point, I would have been able to come up with an idea for an image that also connected with “shelf life” in my title.

Having both visual images and valuable content makes for a stronger social content marketing strategy. Let’s provide content that informs, inspires, or solves a problem for consumers, along with images that help make meaning memorable. Doing so can also generate search value over the long term. It’s also more valuable to our customers.

If we’re just going to publish images for the sake of “likes,” then let’s do so in a way that gives more recognition to the person who created the image or artwork.

Small talk may be social and it might be a good way to open a conversation, but it’s here today and forgotten tomorrow. Along with a little conversation, we need to do more social brand marketing that has a longer shelf life. Let’s mix it up a little. Offer social marketing and content with both style and substance.