The longtail ROI of video is SEO

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In my previous post, Video is Queen, I wrote about why video is queen (if content is king) and that video has the potential to strengthen endorsements and brand recommendations.

It’s no secret that one of the values for brands is when multiple viewers click through in a timely manner to purchase based on a video endorsement. These conversions are relatively easy to measure. However, it gets more difficult for a brand to track conversions over time, especially for videos.

Over time, it also gets harder for people to find video reviews.

I may remember for a few weeks or months (depending on the effectiveness or affectiveness of the video), but unless I use social bookmarking, I’m not going to be able to find the video review easily over time because searching video content is still not fully possible.

Sure, on YouTube or social bookmarking sites, it might be easier if people use good tags and descriptions, but that might not be a full explanation of what the video actually contains. That will only begin to happen when the content of the video becomes searchable.

If a blogger wants to transfer more long-tail ROI to the brand because of positive feelings about the product, then in addition to doing a video review because of its affective potential and popularity, they might also consider writing optimized copy including a blog post, headline, and tags that are search friendly along with the video review.

Despite the affective nature of video and its popularity, video is hard to find via search unless combined with text that can be optimized. It’s an issue both brands and bloggers might consider as they calculate longtail ROI.

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