Fear or Not. Everyone Deserves to Live.

The TV is on in the background and Michael Moore’s, Bowling for Columbine is on. (so, yes, I’m breaking the advice in my previous post.)

I had forgotten the part where Moore contrasts living in Canada and living in the US. The difference is remarkable, especially given the conversations we’ve been having in my Rhetoric of Emotion class.

According to the film, Canadians
– have different types of news programs. There are not so many stories about people getting killed.
I need to look up the stats and see what the differences are in violent crime statistics.
– many in Toronto don’t lock their doors.
Says their concept of fear is different than ours in the US.
– have universal healthcare.
One of the teenagers being interviewed says, we’ll sure, everyone should have healthcare. It’s just a basic human right. Everyone deserves to live.

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