Create More Video: 7 Video Types for Social Media Engagement

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Are you a video star? Do you own a flip camera and do all your own on-camera work and well as production and even calendaring and scheduling? Or, do you hire a production team, talent, and staff to do your video work? I’m curious to learn what types of video content you’re creating and whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a team of people to help you get it right.

From a content strategy perspective, do you consider video a supplementary effort, best sprinkled sparingly? Or, on the other end of the spectrum, are you offering a daily live video feed to engage site visitors?

Below are seven popular types of videos you could consider creating for social media engagement. Depending on what you want to achieve, you will want to focus your efforts appropriately.

1. “viral” videos — These videos are the of the “Will it Blend?” variety. These videos generate conversation about your brand and are at the top of the marketing funnel. Depending on the quality of your ideas (and possibly whether the planets are in alignment), these videos may be wildly popular. Before you click publish on this type of video, you want to answer the “now what” question. In other words, you’ll want to consider what you want the traffic to do once they view the video and make sure that you’re including an appropriate call to action to enable them to take the action you desire.

2. product videos — These videos explain product features and benefits. In all likelihood, these videos offer similar content as does the text you serve on your website. In order for these videos to be successful, I’d suggest you choose an entertaining speaker who knows how to connect with your audience, or this video type could be much like stale bread — great when it was fresh, but of short shelf life and dry to the taste after the sell by date.

i.e. Google Maps: Draggable Driving Directions — from a few years ago, but my go-to example of the type.

3. brand videos — these videos deliver on the brand characteristics if done well, or are the “sales” type videos that discuss all the wonderful things the brand is doing. Often they are heavily produced and require various content approvals and licensing. There isn’t anything wrong with this video type, but it takes a lot of budget and time to get it right. You will want to supplement with another video type that is less cost and time intensive.

i.e. Coca-cola Happiness Machine — it’s really hard to pull off and make it viral as well, but Coke is one company that can make it happen.

4. user-generated videos — these videos are created by your audience. Many consider this video type to be the “gold standard” because they indicate a high-level of engagement with your brand. However, you might ask if your target audience  is the type of web site visitor that creates videos. If not, then the next two video types may be the best type to create.

5. experiential videos — These videos bring the benefits of your product to life. Think about how Steve Jobs demos new products. He doesn’t provide all the technical product features. Instead, he concentrates on demonstrating how you might enjoy using the product. These videos will be highly entertaining and successful if done right.

iPhone 4 Revealed — from Cnet: oddly enough, it’s now got a Windows phone ad on the front of it.

6. educational videos — These videos offer how-to content that helps your users learn more about a complex subject. This video type might also expand upon a closely related subject. You may consider creating a series of these videos with the goal of generating repeat engagement.

Augmented Reality in Plain English – My favorite creator of how-to videos is Common Craft and their In Plain English series.

7. streaming videos — Do you have breaking news or are you launching a new product? If so, you might consider going big with this type of video performance.

What other types of video are you creating?

Drop me a note in the comments below if you’re considering adding video to your content strategy. Or if you’re a video pro, I’m also interested to know what types of video deliver results for you.

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