The Charisma Secrets: Presence, Power and Warmth

In this video, Olivia Fox Cabane, author of The Charisma Myth, discusses the powerful tool of charisma. She explains the components of charisma: presence, power and warmth.

Presence is the core of charisma. It’s how you demonstrate to others they are heard, appreciated, honored, significant, worthy, etc. and that you are fully present to them. How to get fully present when you’re not feeling it?┬áCabane discussed two strategies: 1. focus on your toes (the act of doing so will wake you up because you have to do a whole body scan to get to your toes) and 2. focus on the eye color of the other person. By looking deeply into their eyes, you’re indicating presence.

You can convey power by your appearance and body language. Dress well and take up more space, and people will think you have what it takes. On the flip side, you can also transmit a lack of power through your body language. Fiddle with your hear, touch your hair, face, ears, etc. and you’ll give off vibes of low self worth and weakness.

Warmth can’t be faked. It’s an indicator of how much someone likes us and we show it through our body language and behavior. If you’re feeling stressed, it shows on your face and the other person may think you’re upset by them, not your own internal pressure cooker. On the other hand, look at someone with a feeling of true affection and they can’t help but feel good about being around you.

The video is really worth watching. You’ll get a lot out of it.

Not only can you use charisma to make a good impression, you can also use charisma as a rhetorical strategy to ensure you are seen as a leader, rather than a follower; that your ideas are adopted; and your projects are effectively completed. More on this topic in my next blog.

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